Dream it. Build it. Right here.

Platform Calgary is an impact organization whose members are tech companies large and small, united in a vision of inclusive, innovation-driven prosperity for Calgary.

We are a community of people and companies that have come together to support founders and entrepreneurs at every stage. Collectively, we offer innovators tools to get started and get growing: educational programming, community, advice, and a globally-connected network of resources.


Get connected.

Membership at Platform Calgary is the fastest way to tap into a dynamic community of peers and a network of more than 100+ partner organizations who are all focused on making Calgary the best place to start and grow a tech company.

Whether you need advice from a mentor who understands your challenges, support from a sector expert on a business decision, or tips on where to find the best and brightest to build your team, this is the place to start.

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What can I do with my membership?

Plug in.

Power up with fresh connections - at networking events, investor meetups and peer-to-peer groups.

Get support.

Advance your business with founder-focused programs and a support system of people and resources matched to your needs.

Be heard.

Share your perspective on local and global challenges, trends, and opportunities. All the best conversations are happening here. 

Find talent.

Your ideal person is out there and you'll have a better chance of finding them at our collaborative hiring initiatives and events. 

Meet up.

Grab a coffee, find a spot for your team to hang out. You'll probably run in to someone interesting.

Save money.

Advance your tech stack with exclusive vendor discounts (worth thousands of dollars!) on core enterprise software services.

Who are Platform Calgary's members?

Members are tech-driven or tech-enabled companies of any size, with headquarters or a presence in Calgary. Member companies are committed to building a founder-focused community rooted in trust, collaboration and shared effort.

Platform Calgary Members must be signatories to the Rainforest Social Contract.

Membership FAQs

Can my company become a member?

Member companies must be:

  • Headquartered in Calgary or have a staff presence in Calgary
  • An incorporated company
  • Tech-driven or enabled*
  • A signatory to the Rainforest Social Contract

*Tech driven or enabled companies create and sell new technology using hardware or software to solve real world problems.

Can I become a member as an individual?

Currently, membership is only open to incorporated businesses. There are lots of other ways for individuals to join the community. Come to an event (check out the Community Events Calendar), follow along on social media and subscribe to our newsletter. Or, stop by the Platform Innovation Centre to chat about ways to get involved!

Can my company become a member if we're not based in Calgary?

If your company is not currently based in Calgary but you have employees present in the city, or you intend to build a larger presence in the next 12 months, you can apply for Platform Calgary membership. Your company must meet the other core criteria of being:

Is the Platform Innovation Centre a coworking space?

While the Innovation Centre is not a coworking space, it is a community hub. Members are welcome to access the Innovation Centre and to book amenities. Convene your team, meet partners, attend workshops and events, or use common spaces throughout the building for day-use hot-desk space, pending availability.

Member companies receive discounts on meeting room and boardroom bookings, and an annual credit towards event space bookings (including the KPMG Pitch Stage and the West hall reception area). Please contact spaces@platformcalgary.com for information on booking the space.

I've applied for my company to become a member — now what?

Awesome! Our membership committee is now reviewing your application. You'll receive an email response within 14 working day days of submitting your application. If you have questions, or it has been over two weeks and you haven't heard back, please contact us at membership@platformcalgary.com