A tipping point for Alberta innovation.

When it comes to driving innovation in Alberta, our collective foot is firmly on the gas. Over the next few months, a coalition of government-led organizations in Alberta will award at least three multi-million dollar contracts to innovation accelerators as part of a province-wide push to grow our economy and tech startup ecosystem. 
Our innovation economy is experiencing growth and opportunity like never before. We are at a tipping point that needs the experience and expertise of a proven accelerator embedded in our local context.
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Platform Calgary is a trusted civic partner and hub for the regional innovation ecosystem--a community builder that is intricately connected to our fast-evolving innovation ecosystem. Through collaboration and programming, we are the champion for every entrepreneur taking their first steps. We are the home for Startup Calgary and founding members of the Calgary Innovation Coalition and the Alberta Innovation Corridor.

Partnership and collaboration is in our DNA. In 2020, we supported over 500 entrepreneurs through programs such as Junction, Alberta Yield, Foresight Cleantech Accelerator, Startup Visa, Startup Virtual Passport and the Student Entrepreneurship Sprint. A proven global accelerator is a perfect addition to this growing list of collaboration-driven programs.


Your boots on the ground.

As a local partner, we have the network and resources to fully integrate and localize a proven accelerator. We are well-positioned to build a comprehensive local network for a global accelerator while ensuring they become immediately relevant and critical to Alberta’s innovation economy.
We are the ‘boots on the ground’ that will localize a global accelerator through collaboration with our regional industry experts and professional service firms. Platform Calgary will also assist an accelerator with the sourcing and recruitment of companies, pre-screening, ranking and selection to your criteria, and logistics support.

A local home for your global accelerator.

Platform Innovation Centre

In Calgary's innovation district.

Calgary's Innovation District

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Welcome to the Innovation Centre for everyone.

 “We want to inspire the next generation of Calgarians with ideas. This is an investment by our community, for our community, to create jobs and economic growth and a place where future generations can find success here in our city.”

- Brad Zumwalt, veteran tech entrepreneur and Platform Innovation Centre investor

Platform Innovation Centre Pitch Stage
Platform Innovation Centre Main Floor Stairs

First Floor

First Floor Innovation Centre

Second Floor

Second Floor Innovation Centre

A partnership between a global accelerator and Platform Calgary includes instant access to:

Our innovation community
      • a hub of partners serving a community of 17,000
      • 50+ program partners helping founders start and grow tech startups and companies
      • networks of local and regional advisors
Our expertise
      • local and regional insights
      • industry/sector-specific connections
      • ‘deal flow” from pre-accelerator programs and activities 
      • promotional channels for amplifying your programs and events

Additional goodness:

      • 50,000 sq ft to serve thousands of entrepreneurs and hundreds of tech startups annually
      • flexible space commitment that is cohort-focused
      • event infrastructure (virtual & physical logistics support)
      • a unique space designed with adaptation and flexibility at its core to grow with the city and industry needs
        • this also supports opening with COVID-19 safety protocols that will evolve into making the Platform Innovation Centre and incredibly accessible and welcoming hub as the pandemic passes

Interested in joining the Innovation Centre?

Connect with us for more information: